Although there aren't any dog parks within walking distance of our home in Lincoln, we're lucky to have quite a few great dog parks within 10 miles. The best of which is hands down Johnson-Springview Park in Rocklin.

As you approach the entrance--as many dog parks do--you're greeted with the choice of small dogs on the left and all other pooches on the right.

In addition, there's an area just for dogs that need some extra special attention just inside the small dog gate.

I would say that the best thing about this park is how clean it is. I've seen someone come out from the City of Rocklin making sure that everything is nice and neat, and the owners there that I've seen have all been attentive and responsible, picking up any messes made.

Another nice thing about this park is that a people restroom is right next to it for those times when not just the doggie has to go.

I think my favorite feature of this park, though, is the massive trees stretching out across the sky. My second favorite feature is that there's a kids' playground right next to it, allowing the kid to play while waiting for the dog to get her social interactions in.

Johnson-Springview Park is a little bit inland from I-80 and 65, not far from the Rocklin DMV and Costco.

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